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Transgender Electrolysis Treatments

Welcome to this page if you are considering full or part Gender Re-assignment (Male to female). The re-assignment process is not an easy decision to take and there are a lot of physical and emotional obstacles to be encountered, one of which is dealing with a strong hair growth.  In my experience the transgender client has actively researched this subject and is well versed with their treatment options for permanent hair removal and may now be at the point at which an experienced practitioner is being sought to consult with. Permanent hair removal by electrolysis is an important part of either pre or post re-assignment and I would like to reassure you that I can make a positive contribution to this process and all enquiries are confidential.

Very occasionally NHS treatment is available; however, this depends largely on the area where you live and whether funding is available.  More often however, it falls to private clinics such as The Diathermy Skin Clinic, to provide this service.  The advantage being that the amount, or length of treatment sessions you require are not restricted and progression can be as quick as you wish it to be.

I have over 30 years of experience in electrolysis and have worked successfully with many transgender clients in that time.  My full consultations take approximately 30 – 40 minutes (not including a test area), in which, all aspects of the treatment will be discussed including; Health Details, Treatment Techniques, Treatment Plan Options, Contra-Indications, Progression and Aftercare Advise.  You will not be rushed and you will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you wish regarding this service.

It is not a secret that the strong terminal growth on the beard area requires lengthy treatment, and in my experience you should not expect to achieve total clearance with no regrowth at all in less than 2 years.  However, hormone treatment will help this process along more quickly.  During this time, hair growth gradually disappears and the necessity for regular appointments becomes less and session times reduce considerably, as does your day to day management of the area. . However, if you chose not to take the hormonal option or full re-assignment you will still achieve your goal, albeit it may take a little longer.

Modalities and Techniques Available

The methods available are 'Short Wave Diathermy' (SWD), which uses an 'alternating current' to produce heat and is quick and effective in the follicle, although it can be associated with the most sensation.  'Galvanic' and 'Blend' techniques use a 'Direct Current' to produce 'Sodium Hydroxide' within the lower part of the follicle.  This technique utilises a chemical (or caustic) destruction of the hair follicle.  Blend is considered to be slightly more comfortable and regrowth is slower although fewer hairs can be treated in the same time frame as with SWD.  The majority of my TS clients choose 'SWD' for quick progression but combinations of all techniques can be used to benefit the individual.  Sensation control advice will be offered and encouraged on extended treatment sessions.  Test areas are performed at the consultation to allow you and I to assess the correct treatment plan.  After which, progression of treatment will be planned to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your lifestyle requirements.  Please use the enquiry box at the top of the page or call for more information. The following links may be of interest if you wish to continue research on Electrolysis and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have whenever you are ready.