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37 Years Personal Experience • Registered to practice by Environmental Health Department • Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner

Advanced Skin Treatment (AST)

‘AST’ treatments are for the specific purpose of increasing cellular turnover, supporting natural collagen and elastin, reduction of pigmentation and general anti-ageing effects. A separate consultation will be required for this type of treatment together with skin diagnostics and allergy test patching. This type of skin treatment will require the use of home skincare preparations 2-4 weeks prior to provision and strict post-treatment aftercare must be followed. Therefore, treatment can only be provided when the advised products are purchased from this clinic as they are necessary to aid recovery and enhance results (these are insurable regulations!). Equipment used for ‘AST’ treatments carry medical CE marking and follow strict hygiene protocols.



Collagen Induction with Micro-needling

This process stimulates your skins natural ability to ‘self-repair’ by increasing the mechanism needed for the production of your ‘own’ collagen via the ‘healing cascade’. By creating superficial micro-injuries, the skin can disperse old damaged connective tissue and rebuild and replace it with new. The subsequent ‘healing cascade’ that the RejuvapenTM treatment creates triggers growth factors within the deeper skin layers, thus increasing your own natural support matrix. The results can provide a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

Benefits include
  • Minimise pore size
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts, tightens, and rejuvenates skin
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks
  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Improves the appearance of acne scars
  • Improves texture, smooths and refreshes the skin

Should I prepare my skin prior to the treatment?

To achieve the best possible results that RejuvapenTM can provide then, yes, correct skin preparation is ‘highly’ recommended. It is advised that you use the prescriptive professional strength Vitamin C serum and a Vitamin A serum or enzyme cream for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to treatment, this will provide the skin’s cells with the nutrients required to support and boost the healing cascade process. Subsequently, increasing the skin’s ability to develop its own natural collagen within the skin. There is a specific pre-treatment support pack for this purpose, so please enquire.

What happens during the procedure?

The whole procedure normally takes between 75-90 minutes to complete on the face. The skin is cleansed and sanitised appropriately, and a topical anaesthetic cream is applied for a minimum of 30 minutes all over the treatment area. This ensures that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. The RejuvapenTM treatment is then performed systematically on all the targeted areas. The micro-wounds will close within 3-5 minutes, giving sufficient time to stimulate collagen deposition. When sufficient treatment is completed then the effects can last up to a year!

What may you feel and see after treatment?

Sensations are minimal with responses varying between the individual – some describe this as similar to an electronic toothbrush moving over the skin or fine sandpaper! Immediately after the treated areas will appear flushed. However, this will start to subside within a few hours and considerably so within the following 24 hours. The skin may still appear slightly flushed the following day and may feel a little sensitive to touch. You may also experience the sensation of feeling tight or firm. Some describe this as if they had spent a little too long in the sun! You will be provided with guidance and ALL the skincare products required following the treatment to be used as your aftercare (included in the price!). You should not wear makeup for 48 hours, after which you can resume your normal makeup routine. You must, however, continue to use a high factor sunscreen and any specific products recommended to help support the desired outcome by the practitioner.

What happens in the days following treatment?

During the following week the skin may become dry and ‘sandy’, this is the old skin coming away (mini peel) and the skin will normalise between day 7-10. During this time, the quickly forming and repairing ‘Type III’ collagen will have been activated and begin to ‘plump-up’ the treated area. Over time, the initial collagen type develops into ‘Type I’ collagen, which is longer lasting and firmer. After the last treatment has been completed the skin’s newly triggered matrix will continue to develop and results can be seen for up to 8 – 12 months. After which, you may wish to then attend for single top-up treatments!

What does the treatment cost and what does it include?

Full Consultation
Includes ‘Diagnostic’ skin assessment - treatment information - allergy patch test.
Deposit £25.00
Individual Micro-needling Treatment
Includes topical numbing cream (worth £40).
You will also receive 4 post-treatment skin products worth £55.
1x treatment £220
Course of 3 Micro-needling Treatments
Recommended for long-term results.
At 6 weekly intervals.
Includes numbing cream and 2 boxes of 4 post-treatment skin products.
3 x treatments £575
To greatly enhance the outcome, it is strongly advisable to prepare the skin by using recommended topical preparations 2 - 3 weeks prior to your first session. I am happy to provide guidance.