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Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal

Although electrolysis has been available for many years, the latest digital technology has secured it as still the only way to permanently remove all types of hairs including red and white hair colourings and on all skin types!  I use the latest up-to-date equipment and pre-sterilised (one use only) attachments to maintain the highest standards of hygiene for your comfort and care!

A thorough consultation is required to assess suitability for treatment and clarify your expectations.  Ample time is given to explain everything you need to know about the hair and growth stages together with treatment techniques available and aftercare advice.  With some individuals, there may be occasions when abnormal endocrinal imbalances are suspected and it may be advisable to liaise with your General Practitioner to achieve the quickest possible results!
Please be reassured that your enquiry and details are kept confidential and not discussed or shared with anyone else!  The negative emotional effects of unwanted hair should never be underestimated.  Seeking professional help and guidance can be life changing and boost self-confidence immeasurably - so don't worry, just call and I will be happy to help!

Electrolysis – Permanent Hair Removal

Time Short Wave Diathermy Galvanic and Blend
Minimum treatment time up to 10 minutes From £11.00… From £12.50…
Sessions are then priced on thetime required for each treatment and modality chosen. Up to I hour maximum. Full price details will be given at the consultation. POA POA*

Please Note: that all prices listed should be viewed as approximate as they may vary from time of display.
*Price On Application

How Does Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis, over many years, has proven time and time again to be a very reliable and only way to remove ALL types of hair permanently!  It can be used on fine vellus hair, strong deep rooted, white and red hair colourings and on all skin types. The different modalities available for the Electrolygist to use are Short Wave Diathermy a.c.), Galvanic (d.c.) and Blend techniques (a.c. & d.c.). They will all be explained during the consultation.

ElectrolyisThe Hair Growth Cycle
The time it takes for a hair to first start to grow and to die off and be shed varies greatly depending on where it is on the body. E.g. the hair on the head can grow for up to 7 years while eyebrow or eyelash hairs complete the cycle within just a few weeks!

When the hair is in its 'growing stage' (anagen) it is attached to the base of the hair follicle, which has an area fed by its blood supply (dermal papilla) at which, treatment is most effective.  A very fine probe is inserted down into the follicle and a small discharge of energy is released at the base.  The energy targets the 'blood supply' and 'germanative cells' and after sufficient treatment the follicle dies and cannot produce another hair. 

However, not all hairs are in the 'Growing Stage' at the time of treatment and some hairs are likely to be in their 'Changing' (catagen) or 'Resting Stage' (telogen).  The 'Changing Hair' detaches from the blood supply and migrates up the follicle which now closes up behind it and shrinks.  It now becomes a detached 'Resting Hair' where it dries out.  It may stay there for some time just under the entrance of the follicle until it either falls out of its own accord, or is pushed out by the new 'Growing' (early anagen) hair from underneath!

Causes of Hair Growth
The amount of treatment required varies greatly between the individual, as the cause of the hair growth problem is a key factor.  Causes such as; Hereditary Factors, Topical Irritation, Transgender Change, Certain Medications, Abnormal Systemic and Endocrinal Imbalances are all reasons why electrolysis is needed.   Even with normal hormonal changes such as Puberty, Pregnancy and Menopause individuals can have a predisposition to increased and unwanted hair growth and want to search for a permanent solution. The progression of the treatment is guided by you, your hair growth, skin type and tolerances and you control the sensation felt which keeps the treatment within your comfort zone!