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37 Years Personal Experience • Registered to practice by Environmental Health Department • Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner

Welcome to the Diathermy Skin Clinic

The main focus of this specialist clinic is to offer a safe and effective solution to many superficial cosmetic skin blemish problems. The three main areas of treatment offered are:

  • Benign Skin Blemish Reduction and Removal
  • Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hair
  • Collagen Induction by Micro-needling
Skin Lesions

Removal of Skin Blemishes


Including Skin Tags and Papilloma, Milia Cysts, Moles, Seborrehoic Warts/Keratosis, Plane Warts, Hyperplasia and Syringoma.

Hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal


Electrolysis, over many years, has proven time and time again to be a very reliable and only way to remove ALL types of hair permanently! (FDA Approved)

Advenced skin care

Collagen Induction Therapy


Naturally increase your own collagen volume and improve cell rejuvenation to help retexturise and smooth the skin (Micro-needling)

In the ‘Photo Gallery’ page you will be able to see a montage of before and after images highlighting the type of results that can be achieved with Diathermy treatment. Click on to the ‘Blemish Identification’ page for more information about the many different types of blemishes that can be helped with Diathermy.

I hope the following pages prove both informative and helpful – I am happy to be contacted to answer any queries or concerns you may have, so either call or email your enquiry using the contact box at the top of any page.

Thank you

My Professional Background

It is important to me that, as a potential client, you are happy with your choice of practitioner and have confidence in the treatments on offer. Therefore, I have provided below an outline of my professional qualifications and personal work history to reassure you that you will be in professional, experienced and knowledgeable hands...

Qualifying in 1983 with CIBTAC, I subsequently opened and ran a very busy salon and electrolysis clinic for over 17 years. During this time, I qualified in both Adult and Further Education. In the year 2000 I decided to move my focus into Higher Education and continued studying to gain a university degree and the National Certificate of Education. I accepted a position as a lecturer at Leeds College pursuing my special interest in Electrolysis amongst other related subjects. After 13 years in this position, I began working as regional trainer for Sterex International who run a very highly respected specialist Training Academy. This is an ongoing situation, and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to continue studying and researching advanced electrolysis throughout and alongside running my own practice.

I have also been closely involved in developing new courses and training resources, in particular being invited to co-develop the new VTCT National Qualification in Advanced Blemish Removal at Foundation Degree level (L5). This also allowed me the opportunity to co-write and contribute to Sterex’s educational publication ‘Skin Blemish Removal with Diathermy – A Practical Guide to Level 4/5’.

My passion for electrolysis and diathermy for the treatment of benign superficial skin blemishes has also led me to speak at and promote the benefits of these disciplines at national Aesthetic and Medical conferences, together with published articles in our industry magazines. The research and development required to fulfil all these projects allowed me to be accepted as an associate member of the ‘Royal Society of Medicine’. Their resources and courses, of which, I use endlessly in the continuous search for more knowledge in this very rewarding profession.

However, even though I have been busy working as an educator, I have always kept true to my ‘hands-on work’ through running my own practice ‘The Diathermy Skin Clinic’. I continue to offer my services for these treatments, and I am an active member of the British Institute and Association of Electrolysis. It is through this membership that I have also been accepted as a specialist electrolysis provider for the NHS.

It is paramount that benign skin blemish recognition is as accurate as possible, and to this end, I undertook specialised ‘dermoscopy’ training through to advanced level with the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS). I have also added to this by taking the MASCED-Pro certificate in Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection Pro-Certificate. Learning never stops and I endeavour to keep up to date with anything and everything to do with this incredible profession by attending further CPD courses and conferences.

I continue to work closely with other healthcare practitioners and the medical profession and take referrals from all branches of the industry. I am registered to practice by the Local Environmental Health Department. I hope the above information helps to reassure you that I am committed to offering an experienced and professional service and I look forward to meeting with you at a future consultation where I may be of help!

Janet Turner - Clinical Electrolysist/ABRL5 Practitioner

Qualifications and Certifications

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