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37 Years Personal Experience • Registered to practice by Environmental Health Department • Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner

Advanced Skin Care

I have used Glycolic Acid & AHA products and peels for many years with very effective results.  It is used for specific skin problems such as; Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Sun damage, Dry Skin, Ingrowing Hairs, Milia, Stretch Marks, Scar Tissue and Pre-Mature Ageing conditions. Glycolic Acid is derived from natural sugar cane and can be used in different strengths depending on the individual requirements which, will be established at the initial 'Diagnostic Facial' session. 


  • The Diagnostic Facial – You need to allow a maximum of 2 hours for this important initial session.  During which, time will be given to assess your skin condition/type and may include; UV (Blue light), moisture readings and elasticity tests.


After the skin assessment, the appropriate products will be tested and used to formulate an individual skincare programme. If you wish to continue with a homecare regime advice will be given on the correct way to build up and use the products effectively.  You will be invited to attend a check-up appointment 3-5 weeks later to assess progress and make any adjustments necessary. It is at this stage that full Glycolic or Lactic acid peels can be provided (if they are needed) to achieve the best results possible. 

At any point after the initial program has started a 'Booster' Facial can be booked, whereby, individually blended essential oils are used for massage and specialised ionised gels/ampoules are applied to enhance your results – a very effective, nutritious and indulgent treatment!


Advanced Skin Care Treatments  
Diagnostic Facial Session - (Maximum 2 hours)
Includes consultation, thorough skin diagnosis and test treatment for Glycolic or Lactic products and peels.
Check-up 3-5 weeks after Free of charge
Booster Facial Treatment with Check-up (75minutes) £38.00
Glycolic, Alpha Beta, Lactic Acid Peels (45 min)
Course of 6 (weekly)
(NB. If not on a homecare program a preparation cream/gel needs to be used 3-4 weeks prior to starting the peels! Additional Areas will be quoted at the consultation if required)
From £35.00
From £185.00
Micro-Current Face Toning (45 minutes) Single session
Initial recommended course of 10 sessions
Maintenance or Mini-course of 5 sessions
Discounted – please enquire
Discounted – please enquire
The Electrotherapy Facial – (75 minutes)
Using Galvanic or High Frequency techniques this comprehensive treatment will leave the skin stimulated and deep cleansed, rejuvenated and revitalised through specific ionised gels/ ampoules and infused with added nutrition from hand blended essential oils.
Pro-Collagen Infusion Facial - (70 minutes)
A prescription treatment to infuse active ingredients to help cellular repair caused by free radical damage. Increasing epidermal circulation and providing super hydration. An excellent anti-aging and pre/post-holiday treatment.
Holistic and Sports Therapy Treatments
Massage therapies can be provided at this clinic, so please
enquire. Below is a selection of treatments available…
• Sports Injury/Soft Tissue Damage Massage
• Muscle Ease – Upper, Lower, Shoulder and Neck Massage
• Face, Scalp & Body Aromatherapy
• Thai Style Hot Compress Ritual (2 treatments in 1!)
• Reflexology

Please Note: that all prices listed should be viewed as approximate as they may vary from time of display.