A free consultation is required prior to all procedures to assess suitability for treatment

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37 Years Personal Experience • Registered to practice by Environmental Health Department • Advanced Cosmetic Practitioner

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Utilising the latest 'Thermo-coagulation' techniques many different types of superficial skin lesions can be reduced and accurately removed safely and effectively.  However, it is vitally important that the consultation establishes that the person and lesion are suitable for treatment and you have the choice of the following…

  • A 'Visual Only Assessment' – This will initially assess your suitability for treatment and will take approximately ten minutes.
  • A 'Full Consultation' – includes 'visual and written assessment' and if appropriate a 'test patch' area will be treated. Taking approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

Full details and explanation of the required procedure will be given at the 'full consultation' and will include; Health Details, Contra-Indication Check, Treatment Plan and Expected Outcomes and Aftercare Instructions and Costs.  If you decide to go ahead with treatment a test patch area will be treated and assessed as soon as possible.  If both you and I are happy with the results then a full treatment session will be booked.

It must be noted however, that certain types of skin lesions may not be suitable for immediate treatment and may need to be referred to your General Practitioner, where written consent may be sought or may be advised to seek specialist attention.
It is quite possible for several lesions to be treated in the minimum session time however; this varies considerably on the area and type of lesion/s.  In the chart below is a guideline only of the price you might expect to pay as this will vary on individual requirements.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedure Treatments

ACP – Visual Assessment Only Approximately 5-10 mins Free of Charge
ACP – Full Consultation with Test Patch(where appropriate) Approximately 30 - 45 mins £25.00.
Red/Thread Veins/Sider Naevi (Face and/or Body) Minimum session up to 10 minutes.
Thereafter priced on time/areas and individual treatment needs.
From £35.00…
Milia Cysts Minimum session up to 15 minutes.
Thereafter priced on time and individual treatment needs.

From £25.00…

Skin Lesion Removal including:
Seborrheic Keratosis, Skin Tags and Papilloma, Fibrous Blemishes, Verruca and Warts, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Syringoma, Xanthelasma, Hyperplasia, Campbell de Morgan (Blood Spots), Moles(Medical Consent may be required with some lesions) etc.
Minimum session up to 15 minutes. Prices are quoted for time and depending on individual treatment needs. From £85.00…
Dermal Fillers and Line Softeners Variable POA*
Sclerotherapy Injections –  Leg Veins
(These treatments are performed by a qualified medical practitioner  and card payments may be accepted separately)
Variable POA*

Please Note: that all prices listed should be viewed as approximate as they may vary from time of display.
*Price On Application